Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sensuality 101: Ten Days, Ten Tips for a Spicy Valentine's Day

DAY SEVEN: Girl Talk

Sharing sexual secrets with your best girlfriend can be an invaluable resource. Unfortunately, a lot of us do not tap into this resource because we are afraid of what our friends will think of us. We have to remember that as women, we are nurturers and healers by nature and when we share our vast knowledge with each other, it can be life changing. It is important to feel free to talk openly and honestly with each other in a trusting and safe environment.
Dr. Hilda Hutcherson suggests that women form sisterhood groups. These groups should be with women whom you like and trust and the group should meet regularly. Be sure to sure to serve plenty of food and drinks for a friendly and fun atmosphere. Some of Dr. Hutcherson's suggestions for getting the sharing ball rolling are as follows:

1. Have each sisterhood member write her own erotic fantasy and place it in a large bowl to ensure anonymity. After fellowship, food and a few glasses of wine, each member will take turns pulling a fantasy from the bowl and reading it aloud to the group. You will be surprised at how much you will learn by listening to someone else's fantasy. By the end of the evening, each woman won't be able to wait to get home to her partner.

2.Call your local Passion Party representative to give a presentation on erotic toys to your group. The representative will display erotic toys, explain how they work and offer them for sale to your group. Or, you can plan a field trip with your group to an adult store to explore, sample and purchase erotic toys.

3. Invite the group over for a "recipe" swap. Have each woman write her favorite sexual techique on a recipe card and place it in a bowl. Each woman takes a card as she is leaving the gathering. At the next meeting, each woman reveals what recipe she tried and how it worked for her.

Again, when trying something new, it is important to keep an open mind and have fun.

Source(s): Pleasure: A Woman's Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need, and Deserve by Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, M.D.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sensuality 101: Ten Days, Ten Tips for a Spicy Valentine's Day

DAY SIX: Sexy Games

Remember how much fun you had playing games as a kid? It was exciting to finally find your hide and seek playmate or to be top dog in a competitive game of Monopoly.
It can be even more exciting,not to mention arousing to play these games and countless others with your lover. All that is needed is an open mind and a little imagination.
Strip poker is a classic game for couples. You can actually add "strip" to any game and make it more interesting. For example, when playing Monopoly, every time your partner lands on your property or rolls a certain number with the dice, you can have him or her remove a piece of clothing of your choice. Naked Twister is another arousing game for couples to play. But don't think that game time is limited to card or board games.
Role play can be equally as much fun and the possibilities are endless. You can arrange for your lover to meet you at a restaurant or bar and pretend to be a stranger who propositions you for a one night stand. How about a game of doctor? One of you can pretend to be the doctor who gives his or her patient a very thorough examination.
The point is to feel free to explore other avenues of enhancing your sex life.

Hazel Mills

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sensuality 101: Ten Days, Ten Tips for a Spicy Valentine's Day

DAY FIVE: Talk Dirty

Some women are embarrassed to even think dirty so talking dirty is definitely out of the question. But when you stop cringing and let your guard down and just try it, you may find that engaging in a little nasty talk can be quite arousing and stimulating.
Quite frankly, I don't see anything wrong with two adults who are involved in a healthy relationship indulging in an erotic exchange. This is a sure fire way to be an open communicator about your needs, desires or fantasies and to increase the passion in your relationship. Remember, a confident woman is a sexy woman.
Don't know what to say? You can start your research by reading erotica and paying careful attention to the bold and uninhibited phrases used to described what is happening in the story. It may even be a good idea to read together.
You may find it easier to write dirty than talk dirty. In this case, send your lover a sexy text message or email, detailing your intentions.
You can also practice talking dirty out loud to yourself. The goal is to get comfortable with the taste of the words in your mouth until they just roll off your tongue.
Whatever you do, don't forget to have fun doing it and encourage your partner to do the same.

Hazel Mills

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sensuality 101: Ten Days, Ten Tips for a Spicy Valentine's Day


Why not be the stars in your own erotic movie? This is a certain arousal booster. Using a tripod, position the video camera with lens facing toward the bed and film your lovemaking session. ONE COPY ONLY PLEASE unless you and your lover look forward to having your business go viral on the internet.
Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, author of Pleasure: A Woman's Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need and Deserve, if you are too shy for the big screen, you can place a tape recorder at the hea of the bed and record your sexy sounds during lovemaking. Listen together later to put you in a sexy mood.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sensuality 101: Ten Days, Ten Tips for a Spicy Valentine's Day

DAY THREE: Adventuring Out of the Nest

Sex in the same place, at the same time quickly becomes routine and dull. A truly sensually erotic playmate will add spice to a long-term love affair by initiating sex (day two's tip) in varied and unusual places and at unexpected times. Something as simple as moving to a different room can lend an air of excitement to your sex play. Men love variety and you can provide all the novelty he'll ever need by being creative about where you seduce him.

1.Take it out of the bedroom. Seduce him while the two of you are watching television together in the living room. That big armchair would make a wonderful playpen. You can also try the kitchen counter, the bathroom floor or the attic. All are incredibly erotic spots for love trysts, if you make them so.

2.Your own backyard. While he is mowing the lawn, surprise him by leading him into the bushes for some truly wild lovemaking. You can also have sex on your porch swings or hammock. There is something intoxicating about the thrill of possible discovery.

3.The car. Your car is like your own personal love-making cocoon. Attack him in the back seat and it will be like reliving your teenage years.

4.Going up. When the two of you are alone on the elevator, take the opportunity to blow more than his mind. Have him hold the "door close" button while you live him a nice little oral treat.

5. Let's party. Cleverly excuse yourselves from a party or wedding reception and escape into the nearest bathroom, lock the door and go at it.

Wherever you make love, the point is to be creative and keep the relationship new and exciting. Remember, no one likes stale crackers.

Source(s) quoted: 203 Ways to Drive a Man Wild in Bed by Olivia St. Claire

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sensuality 101: Ten Days, Ten Tips for a Spicy Valentine's Day

Day Two: Initiate

Nothing turns a man on more than feeling wanted by his lover. Initiating lovemaking is admitting that you enjoy sex with him and you want more of it. Let's be honest... that's a feeling we all love.
Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, author of Pleasure: A Woman's Guide to Getting The Sex You Want, Need and Desire, you should make an effort to tell your man how much he turns you on and you'll find out how such a small gesture can make a big impact on your sex life and relationship.

A lot of women often shy away from initiating sex because our mothers have told us that "good girls" shouldn't ask for sex. Also, there is the fear that he may reject our advances. What would be more humiliating, right? Wrong! How can we expect to get what we want if we don't ask for it? Men certainly don't have this problem. They set themselves up for rejection all the time yet they keep asking.

How do you initiate sex? Well, I'm glad you asked. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Start with my tip from Day One. Kiss your man, deeply and passionately.

2. Whisper what you want in his ear. Don't be afraid to be explicit in your request. Tell him what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you.

3. Grab his crotch. You can't get a more direct approach than this.

4. Give him a lap dance. Wear sexy lingerie and straddle him while gyrating and swirling your hips on his lap. Touching you is not allowed and maintaining eye contact is sexy as hell. "Cater 2U" by Destiny's Child is a great song to lap dance to (don't ask me how I know).

5. Bathe him. Like women, men love having it be all about them. Fill a tub with warm water. Sprinkle in some aromatherapy oil and light a few scented candles. Undress him and guide him into the tub. Lovingly wash and stroke every inch of his body.

These are just a few ways to seduce your man. Be creative. The goal is to let him know how much you crave him and that you can't wait to ride him into the night.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sensuality 101: Ten Days, Ten Tips for a Spicy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is ten (10) days away and some of us are making plans for a quiet weekend getaway, romantic dinners, ordering flowers, purchasing red lingerie, learning a new bedroom trick or two, etc. All of these love day rituals are wonderful but did you know that adding a little sensuality to your sexuality can send your Valentine's Day into orbit?
And, who says you have to wait until February 14th to get started? How about ten days of toe-curling foreplay? I will post a spicy new tip everyday until Valentine's Day and you can turn Valentine's Day into Valentine's Week.


When was the last time you really kissed your partner? I am not talking about a peck on the cheek. I mean a REAL kiss like you did when the relationship was fresh and new and one touch of their lips on yours would make your heart pound and your breathing shallow and your soul stir. Do you remember? What? No? Shame on you! No worries because today is your lucky day (and his/hers)!

Kissing seems like such a simple place to begin but you wouldn't believe how many people really have no idea how to give or receive a mind-numbing kiss. Kissing is becoming a lost art. We have forgotten how deeply erotic and sensuous a kiss can be.

According to Olivia St. Claire, author of 203 Ways To Drive a Man Wild in Bed, if you approach each kiss with a sense of wonder, you'll be well on your way to creating a very sensual experience. St. Claire also suggests that you concentrate on the sensation of lip against lip, tongue on tongue, wet against dry, and you'll startle him into an early erection. He, too, will remember the excitement and electric discovery of that first kiss.

1. Close your eyes. Kissing is a performance to be felt not watched. There is something magical that happens when both of you relinquish control and allow your emotions to guide the kiss. The vulnerability and mystery of closing your eyes enhances the kiss for both of you.

2. Let your fingers do the walking while your tongue does the talking. Don't be afraid to caress your partner as your tongues playfully dart in and out of each others mouths. Stroke his face, the back of his head or neck. Grab and squeeze his ass.

3. Don't forget to moan or sigh during the kiss. Let him know that you are enjoying this intimate moment.

4. Two highly erogenous zones are the corners of his mouth. Gently lick/kiss these areas.

5. Invite him into the inside of your lips during a deep kiss. This area is softer and more sensitive. It is also a deeply intimate gesture.

Of course, no one said that kissing has to be limited to the lips. By all means, feel free to take the show on a tour all over his body. The nibbling, licking and kissing will drive him wild. Don't worry whether or not you are doing it right. His responses will be a the guidance you'll need