Monday, October 6, 2008

YES, you can turn a whore into a housewife!

Who says you can’t turn a Hooker into a Housewife?

From Hooker to Housewife

Kendall Roberts is a down on her luck single mother of one. After taking a few of life’s bumps and bruises, she turns to a life of alcohol and drugs, stripping and prostituting her body to support her habit and make ends meet.

When she’s busted by the good Reverend Lawrence Lavant, he gives her the choice of going back to jail or coming home with him and being counseled. She opts for the latter.

Despite Kendall’s troubled past, Reverend Lavant finds himself romantically drawn to her. Does he have the power to turn a hooker into a housewife and the first lady of Mt.
Zion Baptist Church? That’s if they can both move beyond their painful

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Sunshine Royal

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's legal may not be moral-you decide

When Olivia Collier is pursued by her eighteen-year-old student, Thaddeus Grant, will the Chemistry teacher give him a never-to-be forgotten lesson in body chemistry, or can a lonely woman refrain from an immoral affair with her student?

The law says that eighteen is legal, but morally, is there anything wrong with a thirty-two-year-old woman teaching an eighteen-year-old student outside of the classroom?

Chemistry 101 is an enticingly sensual confession by Sunshine Royal that is sure to engage readers in heated discussions about sexuality and morality.

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