Saturday, February 28, 2009

Author's Book Tour-Spring 2009

Give the Gift of Knowledge Spring 2009 Literary Tour

Main book tour site:
Ella Curry, Event Organizer:

View full details about the authors on tour and the events taking place Feb. 14-April 1, 2009. By visiting this link often:

Online Presskits for Tour Hosts; Chat room available for group discussions. Be sure to check out all the pages for interviews, articles and promotional material.

If you would like for the authors to stop by your blog, website or Internet social network, please email Ella Curry at: with your requests.

Authors on Tour:

Patricia A. Bridewell-Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: Reflections of a Quiet Storm
Buy the Book:

Lynne Forde-Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: Lies of Blue
Saffyre Entertainment Inc.
Website: or
Lies of Blue on Sale March 1, 2009

John R. Williams- The Author Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: The Reunion
Buy the Book:

Michael Taylor Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: A New Conversation with Men
Buy the Book:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hazel's HOTmail: WWHD? (What Would Hazel Do?)

Dear Hazel,
I feel as though I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. My sister is married to a wonderful man whom she loves dearly. They have been married for eleven years and have four children together.
The problem is that I am in love with her husband and have been since the first time I met him. It was obvious that he felt something for me as well by the way he looked at me and the way he always hugged me. It wasn’t a brotherly hug because sometimes his hand would “just happen” to rub my behind. But neither of us acted on this attraction out of love and respect for my sister. That is, until about a month ago.
My sister was away at a women’s church retreat for the weekend and because her husband had to work, she left her children in my care. Her husband came by late one night to check on the kids but they had already gone to bed. We were talking when one thing led to another. Needless to say, we ended up in bed together.
I’ve been feeling guilty ever since that night and I feel that I need to clear my conscious and come clean about what happened. Her husband says that we should just keep our mouths shut and forget about it.
What would you do if you were in this same situation?

C.D. in Atlanta

Dear C.D.

What would I do? Glad you asked. Well, I would not be in your situation because the “love and respect” I have for my sister strictly prohibits betrayal, in any form.
Now that you have done what you obviously have wanted to do from the beginning, your conscious is bothering you? Please.
You and your sister’s husband are selfish. You both put your needs and desires above everything else and quite frankly, if or when she does find out, you deserve whatever happens.

Peace (if you can find any),